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Why did India not win the 2nd ODI against West Indies?


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Certainly, when you score massive 321 runs in 50 overs, it’s more likely that you will win. So, the tie in the 2nd ODI against West Indies came as a big disappointment for Indian fans. All the credit goes to WI batsmen for playing terrifically on India’s home turf and saving the team from another loss. India is leading the 5-ODI series with 1-0.


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I really don’t think anyone, on the Indian side, should be blamed. The team played in unification and performed well. So, your question “Why did India not win 2nd ODI against West Indies” – it’ fair and simple: West Indies played equally well as India. No one won, no one lost. While India had Virat Kohli who smashed an unbeaten 157 in 129 deliveries, West Indies had Shai Hope who scored 123 in 134 deliveries. Both the team looks fairly balanced.

It was sad though that on news discussions (on news channels) the “experts” questioned the bowlers.

Umesh Yadav, who bowled the last over when WI needed 14 runs in 6 balls to win, got the massive share of criticism. One of these days we need to realize, in this age of T20, conceding 10, 15, 20 runs in the last over is not a big thing. So, it’s quite okay that Yadav gave 13 runs in his last over. He also took a wicket in that. Also, let’s not forget that Shai Hope was still on the crease who is in spectacular form. So, the match, even in the last over, was never in India’s court anyway. India didn’t lose. West Indies didn’t win. It was a draw because both the teams performed equally. 

So, let’s not blame the bowlers or fielders or anyone for that matter. It was an exciting match to watch. And the series is clearly heading to become a complete thriller. After Vizag, the next stop is Pune. Let’s hope India wins the 3rd ODI against West Indies. (The match is on October 27.)


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