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Why did the BJP select Tarkishore Prashad and Renu Devi in place of Sushil Modi?


Net Qualified (A.U.) | Posted

first know Tar Kishor Prasad:
He is MLA from Katihar Assembly seat. Tarkishore Prasad has won the seat multiple times. In spite of the lackluster showing of BJP in the 2015 get together political race, he won with a colossal edge. He comes from the Kalwar position which is a piece of the Vaishya people group.
Presently, know the second vice president serve Renu Devi:
She is likewise four-time MLA from Bettiah. She lost the 2015 get together political decision however in 2020 she again won from a similar seat. She comes from the Noniya station, which is an incredibly in reverse class network.
Presently goes ahead the first inquiry of why BJP chose the two of them instead of Sushil Modi:
So as BJP got 74 seats in this political race which is second political decision most noteworthy after RJD yet when you take a gander at a strike rate they come at the top. So more than making representative priest and priest they are getting ready for 2025 gathering political decision.
BJP simply need to extend his vote bank in Bihar. Prior to this political decision or 2019 General political decision, BJP got just upper standing vote in Bihar. Yet, making Renu Devi as vice president serve BJP sent a solid message to the two Women and in reverse class that they will think about them.
The two ladies and in reverse class are JDU electors yet now BJP needs to get these.
Furthermore, Sushil Modi doesn't fit in this since he is a decent head yet he didn't have a major vote bank in Bihar.
More than this BJP additionally need to extend a Yadav pioneer in Bihar and Nityanand Rai is one of them. In any case, this didn't look conceivable till Sushil Modi is in Bihar so BJP simply needs to eliminate him from Bihar and make him a focal pastor.
According to my minuscule sources and individual agreement, these plans are made for an impermanent reason (for setting inside condition of BJP pioneers) and this will be change in future. Be that as it may, yes every one of these game plans are made considering station factors which will help BJP in expanding their vote bank in impending political race.



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