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Why didn-t Karna just get down from his chariot and move to another chariot?


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Clearly we would examine about the this point in light of the fact that Karna was occupied with such a stupendous battle (Arjuna) and with an incredible hero. While battling, regardless of whether his chariot-wheel got struck , for what reason did'nt he moved to another chariot ?
As indicated by me, he did'nt do it for the accompanying reasons -
  • This would be viewed as a thrashing.
  • Since to get another chariot , he would need to return and withdraw from the war zone. Thus, Karna would have thought this as a thrashing.  
  • He would have thought it a simple undertaking to fix the wheel , so it would he pointless to sit around to get another chariot. (Recall that he was raised by a chariooter , so he would have known to fix the wheel).  
  • He realized that it was foreordained.  
  • At the time his chariot wheel was penetrated , he reviewed his memory and recollected the scourge of Parshurama , so he just attempted.  
  • He additionally realized that it is futile to get another chariot since destiny had just chosen his passing in the possession of Arjuna.  
  • Not many individuals realize that Karna himself realized that he would bite the dust , this is a direct result of Parshurama's revile which relates "When at the hour of adversery , you will overlooked Brahma's weapon and afterward will you realize that passing has come".



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