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shweta rajput

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Why does the Godi media support BJP?


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Godi media is supporting BJP in light of the fact that entire liberal media and other media houses are supporting fear based oppressors, enemies of nationals, psychological militant's sympathier's supposed intellectual's, tukde pack, grant wapsi posse. What's more, degenerate resistance groups like Congress. Which are foreseeing now to turn into the most fair gatherings subsequent to plundering India all the more then 60 years.

Thus, alleged godi media appreceating BJP for his extraordinary works. also, it is supported to like if one gathering is thinking for the Nation rather then breaking and plundering the Nation.

That is the reason these enemies of nationals and fear based oppressors sympathiers are naming energetic media houses as godi media.

See the instances of these purported impartial media houses.

Indeed, even they didn't spare a moment to praise the best penance of our warriors.



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