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Rohan Chauhan

Financial analyst (Mudra finance company) | Posted | Health-beauty

Why grown-ups find it hard to lose belly fat?


fitness trainer at Gold Gym | Posted

Perhaps because they don’t work hard enough to shed that fat?!

No, I am serious. I have seen so many people who want to get thin, but they are not ready to work hard. They don’t exercise, they don’t eat healthy, and above all, they have countless reasons as to why they can cut their weight, why they can’t work out, and why they are not seeing any effective result.

Aside from these, there are certain technical reasons why adults find it difficult to burn belly fat. See, belly fat is generally considered “stubborn fat”. When you start working out, belly fat isn’t the first one that would melt. You would find other parts of your body showing signs of thinning than your tummy. This is why to avoid a weird looking body, it is advised that when on a fat loss regimen, you must also aim to gain muscle. So, say if you’ve lost fat from your chest area, you can do chest workout to make your chest be in good shape. At the same time, you can continue in your quest to lose chest fat. A whole workout regimen will keep your body in good proportion.

As to why this whole thing happens – more fat is lost from one area than another – it’s because of our hormones, which itself depend on genetics and your lifestyle (food). This isn’t much of a problem for teens below 16 years and adults above 40 years.

So, when working out to lose their stubborn belly fat, many adults don’t see any evident result. This demotivates most of them and they eventually give up. This is why grownups find it tasking to lose belly fat.



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