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Why is China connected with dragons?


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Chinese dragon also called long or lung is considered a holy and worshipped creature in Chinese mythology. In the times of emperors ruling china, Dragons were the symbol of their power and rule. Dating back to ancient times, dragons hold multiple importance.Letsdiskuss

Liu Bang, the founder of the Han dynasty claimed his birth as an outcome of his mother’s dream in which she saw a dragon. Chinese people also discovered many statues of their ancestors presenting dragons which then made people consider dragons as energy and evolution of ancestors. The yellow ruler, a great ruler of the Chinese dynasty, has an emblem resembling a dragon with fish skin, a snake body and four legs. There were many other theories that support the belief of the dragon to be a heavenly power. These facts combined and the image of the dragon evolved. In the current times, the dragon is an image of auspicious and holy powers and strength. It is also considered as a piece of good luck for the deserving and right people and also as power controlling natural calamities like floods, rainfall and typhoons. Dragon is also one of the Chinese zodiac sign and people born with this zodiac sign are said to confident, smart and bring luck. These people contain all the traits of the dragon. Dragon is a sacred animal worshipped among Chinese people who find themselves as descendants of dragons.

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