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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | Entertainment

Why is it so difficult to break social stereotypes?


In order to understand the difficulty one faces in breaking free of social stereotypes, we first need to understand how exactly social stereotypes work.

We are essentially born as a human being. The moment we take birth, all we have is just a sex. No gender classification, no class or caste categorisation sits upon us, at the time of our birth. Then we start taking on various identities. We take the religion of our parents, the gender our doctor classifies us into, the caste we are born into, and so on and so forth.

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From that very moment, we are supposed to behave in a certain way which is prescribed to us to be "normal".

"You are a guy, how can you wear pink?"

"You are a girl, sit properly!"

"Aren't you ashamed of earning less than your wife?"

"Why do you eat with her, she is not of your religion!"

Each and every person, whenever he or she tries to do what they are "not supposed to do", they are chastised by the carriers of these social stereotypes. The authorities and institutions like our family, school, community, priests, etc, are always haunting our subconscious minds, telling us what you are supposed to do and what not.

This is why we find it difficult to break free of the social stereotypes.

We, however, should try our level best to break these fake norms of society, for a better world. We should stop being so hard on ourselves as well as on others. We should shout out loud in the society that it's okay to be the way you want to be.


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