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Why is it so hard to lose weight?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

There are many reasons.

To start with, achieving anything that's out of the ordinary is difficult and requires hard work.
And guess what? The majority of us do not like working hard.
Because it's easier to complain.
(This is the foremost reason why almost 95 percent of the population never achieve the kind of success that they dream of.)
In this context, people don’t like working hard to lose weight because it's easier (and tastier) to eat junk food; because it’s easier to complain about the gained weight than to actually lose it.
BUT that said, losing weight isn't really hard. It all comes down to perspective, priorities, and mindset.
It's NOT Hard To Lose Weight
You've heard so many incredible stories of overweight people losing weight and getting in dream-like shape. They manage to do that not because they are better than other humans. They end up doing that because their perspective, priority, and mindset are in the right place.
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Imagine if someone offers you money for every pound you would lose. At that moment, losing weight would become one of your top priorities. Your mindset will be ambitious to lose weight. Your perspective will shift from being passive towards losing weight to becoming proactive.
Lack of Proper Education
Another reason why (people think) it is hard to lose weight is the lack of proper education.
(Courtesy: Michigan Health Blog)
Most of us have this idea that it is painful to lose weight… that we have to do countless reps and sweat buckets… that we have to give up all our favorite foods.
This is NOT true.
Losing weight is a process. It's all about the routine and regimen you follow. If you've created a thoughtless routine, of course, it's going to be difficult. On the contrary, if you’re careful in coming up with a good and relaxing routine, the entire process of losing weight would become so much fun and interesting.
Unrealistic Expectations
You can’t lose 20 pounds in 3 days. And frankly, you don’t have to.
You're not a model or celebrity.
how-to-lose-weight-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Muscle Evo)
Losing weight, and then maintaining that, is a long-term game. Sadly, the majority of us think of it in weeks and months term when, in reality, we should think of it in years term.
If you starting your regimen with the goals and expectations of getting a six-pack in a month, not surprisingly, you're going to find it difficult. However, if you spread that regimen over a year instead of a month, the entire process will become quite easy.
Instant gratification
While we do talk a lot about the future, very few of us really take active measures to make sure the future is better.
We're a victim of instant gratification, wherein we would always pick something pleasurable in the present even if it comes at the cost of something better in the future.
We will eat that pizza even when we know it's going to make our health worse. Because we like that feeling of eating it in present… because we can’t feel the trouble that we're going to face in the future due to that one slice.
Instant gratification is too powerful for most of us.
Once you get started…
…it's extremely fun and addictive.
how-to-lose-weight-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: The Active Times)
The people who swear on working out, there weren't born like that. They fell in love with a fit body that made working out quite addictive.
So, when you start to lose weight, the first few weeks are going to be difficult. But after that, it will become a smooth ride. And this usually comes after you start seeing the good results.
When you will see yourself getting in the shape, and feeling so much better about yourself, you would want to hit the gym daily to further improve your health and then maintain it.
There are many reasons why (it feels like) it is hard to lose weight. At the end of the day, they are all your excuses. You don’t like working so you're giving all sorts of excuses that it's hard and "I don’t have the time".
Get your perspective, priority, and mindset in the right place. It's the beginning of achieving everything in life, including losing weight.


FItness Trainer | Posted on

Losing weight is not very tough , our mentality make it hard. So don't focus on it .Just focus on what you want to change in your body ,and workout according to that . If you don't like hard workout you can do simple exercises and with this also prefer food with less calories


Blogger | Posted on

One of the fundamental reasons why such a significant number of individuals battle to get in shape isn't on the grounds that they are inert or insatiable but since their muscles have gotten impervious to insulin. Insulin is a hormone delivered by your pancreas. It controls your glucose levels, however it does unmistakably more than that. It likewise controls fat stockpiling.


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