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Why is the Hathras victim-s family under suspicion?


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The Hathras family is in doubt since they have been dawdling occasionally and on the grounds that the media is spreading a bogus account.

Both the families have a long-standing debate and it was accounted for that the dad of the blamed was in prison for 20 days on the grounds that the granddad of the casualty had once blamed him for beating (It was being claimed that the granddad of the casualty had a self-caused injury around then) and the two of them are battling a case in courts.

The mother was with the casualty at the hour of the occurrence.

In the primary meeting with Jagran on fourteenth Sep 2020, the casualty was completely cognizant and had asserted that lone 1 kid had attempted to strangulate her. No Rape.

The mother in her clench hand meet had said something very similar as her girl.

The sibling had answered to the police headquarters a similar story (The young lady was alongside the locals at the police headquarters)

The police alluded the young lady to AMU and even the clinic doesn't make reference to Rape.

At that point after the section of the government officials the story changes to 4 denounced a Gang Rape

Each of the 4 get captured and 1 out of 4 was not even in the town yet, according to the SC/ST act all are captured.

According to the sound chronicles, one Congi bargain producer is heard contribution the casualty family 50 Lac and encouraging them to address the media just before Pinky who is a major chief from Delhi.

In another, one India Today journalist is requesting that the family state something against the organization so it very well may be introduced as breaking news.

The family at first told that they need a CBI request and when the UP government concurred now they are stating that they don't trust in the CBI.

To know the specific realities the UP government needs to direct a Narco Test on everybody included. The blamed have acknowledged it be that as it may, the informers have denied experiencing the Narco Test.

Governmental issues have won at the same time, a life is lost, who cares.



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