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Why is Twitter removing Blue Ticks from the accounts of well known people?


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Social media platforms have been the reason why people are so well connected with each other even at long distances. One such platform is Twitter, it is a well known social media place where different trends all around the globe are shared and talked about. It is a place of many celebrities as well. Twitter is also one of the most liked social media platforms in recent times. Twitter verified the account of the users who indulge in more public interest. This verified blue tick is categorized into 6 different leads that are Government, companies, brands, journalist, entertainment, sports, non profit organization and eSports. All those who operate twitter cannot get themselves verified. There are some specifics regarding this. So, it is not mandatory that once verified will stay verified forever. The terms and conditions of twitter says that the blue tick tradition will be removed without giving any reason or explanation. The following are the reasons why twitter is changing their terms and conditions regarding the verification

  • Twitter has mentioned in the new terms that if the user tries to change the username handle of themselves, the blue tick that represents the verification will be removed. The changes of name are spared but not with the username handle. 
  • Secondly, if there is misleading information on the bio of any user or if the user tries to intentionally manipulate the interest of other people they might lose their blue tick mark from their account. 
  • Thirdly, if the user who has a blue tick badge finds inactive for more than 6 months, they may lose their verification. If Twitter finds out that there is no activity going on any account the blue tick will be removed by them. 
  • Following, Twitter may also remove the tick if they find out that there is violation of certain terms and conditions of twitter. The user can also face suspension of the account. 
  • The users who are verified at Twitter currently may not be at the same position if Twitter doesn't find them valuable for what they were verified in the past. 
  • Lastly, it reports that if any users violate the Tweets and usage of foul language on tweets can also lose their verification status. 
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