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Akshay Mehrotra

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Why many mexican people want to settle in USA?


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There are push factors for emigration from Mexico to the United States of America. The Mexican people are allowed especially to settle in the USA because it is one of the sources of oil and an exporter of petroleum and U.S. natural gas. Mexico is also an importer of most of the agricultural essentials like fruits, vegetables, wine, beer and many more. So, these are the reasons for the good relations between them. USA people are dependent on the

Mexican and vice versa. There are several pushes and pulsators which led the Mexican to immigrate to America each year. In Mexico factors like increase in crime factors, poverty, high rate of unemployment, water crisis due to climatic conditions, ease for a better life for family and so on.


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The major cause for Mexican to shift to America is unemployment and the rate is increasing day by day. So, to lead a standard life they settle in the USA. Mexica faces natural disaster like earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis very often due to their climatic change which makes a big issue and also left them homeless. By shifting to the USA, they do not have to face such problems which lead to crossing the border and settling in America every year. The pull

factors also have a great impact on them. As the USA offers a standard lifestyle the Mix can come to Theresa and settle there with their family. The education system in Mexico is very poor which led to illiteracy. But due to the advanced education system, in America, they settle there and build themselves and their children.


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