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Why Tanjore Brihadeeswarar temple is not recognize as one of the wonders in the world?


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A dolt will pass judgment on a Taj Mahal by it's shading just without knowing the reasonable defects similar way different imbeciles here and there judge an Elephant by its shading just without knowing its solidarity.

Tanjore Brihadeeswarar Temple was worked with accuracy in a period where there was no PCs or mini-computers. These days, Indians can't assemble even a little house without CAD or Calculator or a cell phone. For enormous structures, they ask the western world for cranes. For moving little shakes they ask for oil from Arab nations.

Through deforestation, they in a roundabout way murdered all the elephants in India. In the hour of Raja Chola, elephants were utilized for the development of Tanjore Brahadeeswarar Temple. They murdered those strong elephants, for what? To fabricate manors and for the cuppa addicts!

The sanctuary was constructed altogether by voluteers, and not with Slaves or Machines likewise with comparative megaprojects in different nations. Human ability at the time was at its pinnacle, and creatively utilized Elephants to move even mountains. Man and Animal existed together agreeably and cooperatively in India those days.

To deliver Taj Mahal tea, home backwoods of Indian Elephants are obliterated. Cholas guaranteed unadulterated water for their residents, while now there is just assurance of petroleum for the vehicles, and not for water for the dry tongue. They slaughtered Indian astuteness and information to assuage the unfamiliar trespassers, and for non-renewable energy source they will do anything. How could an age that drained the water table to drink colas comprehend about Cholas' devotion and responsibility for building a particularly reliable landmark?

A Bollywood star drinking Coco Cola before the Taj Mahal is present day India. Unadulterated water streaming in waterways and Pure information prospering in the personalities, delivering wonders of Architecture, Engineering, Dance, writing, Astronomy and Culture, is Ancient India.

To comprehend a Structure, we ought to comprehend its motivation. The Big Temple resembles Suez Canal worked with a reason. It changed History. Be that as it may, the marvels perceived presently don't tackle any reason. A construction worked for one of spouses, as a burial place, to show I actually love excellence! Ha!



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