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Software engineer at HCL technologies | Posted on | Science-Technology

Why was Steve Jobs never interested in collaborating with Android?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Let’s understand the timeline first.

Android was founded in 2003.

Google purchased Android in 2005.

The first ever Android phone was launched in 2008.

Steve Jobs died in 2011.

Your question – why Steve Jobs was never interested in collaborating with Android – likely concerns to the period between 2008 and 2011.

WHY, indeed!

The first reason is fair and simple. At the time, the iPhone was already in the market. Android devices were the “B player”. Why would he want to collaborate with B-players?

(First ever iPhone was introduced in June 2007.) 

(Courtesy: Wired)
Apple was, at that time, headlining the mainstream tech spectrum.

The second reason is simple as well. Steve Jobs didn’t know Android would become such a popular OS for smartphones.

It is only now do we see that Android dominates the smartphone market. Back then, I don’t think the Apple team knew it. In fact, back then, their biggest competitor was Microsoft. Google was, then, just a search engine.

The third reason is quite obvious as well. There was NO need for Steve Jobs to collaborate with Android. NONE.

Now, all being said, here’s something you need to realize…

Steve Jobs was smart. One of the smartest entrepreneurs of this century maybe. (Although his aggressive and rude behavior with his employees does leave a big dent on his abilities!)

He was never against collaboration. 
(Courtesy: Forbes)
When he returned back to Apple in 1997, the company was nearing its bankruptcy. He took it from there to turn it into the world’s BIGGEST brand ever that we know today.

In the process, he did collaborate with other companies. In fact, he collaborated with Bill Gates in developing software. And Bill Gates was an arch-rival of Steve Jobs, mind you, who he (Steve) even accused of stealing his ideas and coding.

Steve Jobs was smart. He believed in collaboration. If he never collaborated with Android, it’s because there was no such need at the time – and NOT because of ego or competitive instinct.

This said, Steve Jobs was never a fan of Google and Android. He actually hated them. He believed that Google stole Apple’s intellectual property.

You can read about it here: What Really Made Steve Jobs So Angry at Google? 
(Courtesy: gbatemp.net)
Hope this answers your question. 


Software Developer | Posted on

Apple is Best as compare to Android.


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