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Abdul Razzaq

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Why Women Say Nothing Is Wrong When Something Is Clearly Wrong?


Student (Delhi University) | Posted on

Woman behavior is no less than a mystery, indeed. If you have ever had a girlfriend, or if you are married, you would have experienced a lot of times how your lady says “I’m fine” when it’s quite evident from her face and body language that she’s fighting from a thousand demons from inside. You must have wondered a lot of times what exactly does she mean by her different “I’m fine’s”, always ignoring the more important question –why is she hiding all her problems under the curtain of just a phrase or two.

Being a woman, even I have put various vultures at bay by just replying “nothing” or “I’m fine” to the questions asking me “what’s wrong” and “what happened”. According to my experiences I did so due to various reasons in various situations.

  • Because I was constantly being labelled as crazy, especially by men in my life.
That’s what they call you when you are too much caring, or too much emotional, or reacting too much as per the demands of the situation. That’s where women think we should stop giving voice to whatever turmoil we are going through inside of us. More than often, it is to save our relationships.

  • Because I’m fed up of repeating the same thing again and again, and now I thought better of it even when it still bothers me.
Men are known for their cool and carefree behavior which, knowingly and unknowingly, make them a bit indifferent and ignorant of even our most obvious demands and feelings. We start from reminding men of certain things again and again (for which we are labelled crazy), then move on to passing the same things as hints to deflect conflicts, and at last think better of it and stop telling what exactly the problem is.

  • Maybe the problem is not big enough to share.
Sometimes we ourselves are not sure if what we are worried about is even a real problem and hence just keep things to ourselves. We know that sharing everything big and small strengthens relationships but we don’t want to overburden anyone with extra problems which we are not sure of being significant enough.

  • The questioner is a bad listener.
Sometimes we just know that the one asking “what’s wrong” is doing it just for a formality and that restricts us from sharing our problems. We already know that after a while the person will just lose interest in our problems and hence we don’t bother to share them in the first place.

And sometimes….. we really are fine and we mean it.


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