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sachin Kumar

Blogger | Posted 27 Nov, 2018 |

Will another 26/11 lead to war?

neha chauhan

Assistant professor ( Finance & Marketing) & Admission... | Posted 29 Nov, 2018


Another major coup de main in India of the magnitude almost like the 26/11 strike originating from Pakistan might simply intensify into a regional war, scholars, former diplomats and North American nation officers have warned prior to the tenth day of remembrance of the deadly Bombay terror attack.

The 26/11 attack case has entered into the tenth year however none of its seven suspects in Pakistan has been disciplined nevertheless, showing that the case had ne'er been in its priority list.
Mr Riedel WHO may be a senior fellow and director of Brookings Intelligence Project, believes that another terror attack in India of comparable magnitude would end in a war between the 2 countries. "If another attack of this magnitude happens, there'll be war.
(Image Courtesy :- timesofindia)

Let American state place one factor terribly bluffly, Asian country is neither Bangladesh nor Asian country. Its mindless pursuit within the last 20 years to amass deadly weapons has created it a force to reckon with within the Indian sub-continent. Even our recent friends like Russia square measure currently extending the hand of support to Asian country.
Pakistan has - China, USA and to some extent Russia in its kitty United Nations agency square measure force feeding it with state of the art weapons.

Their main agenda is to capture Kashmir anyhow at any price for this they're prepared for one more war additionally thus such attacks of 26/11 will happen once more and once more. But the Indian government is also ready with its highly advance weapons and the current government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already 'taken a troublesome line' against capital of Pakistan together with a strike.