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Shivam Khandelwal

Travel Consultant at Musafir | Posted 03 Nov, 2018 |

15 Mistakes to Avoid When Traveling Solo to Dubai?

Vasanthi Gopalan

Educator/ Work from home Search Engine Evaluator. | |Updated 15 Nov, 2018

Dubai is one of the most favourable destination for vacation. Its architectural marvel and tourist spots, shopping festivals extravaganza are every body's envy. Not only Asian but all over the world Dubai is the most wanted place in everybody's list of places to visit.

But Dubai is a Islamic country. Its rules and regulations are different from other secular and European countries. So it is better if we know some of things which should be avoided while we are in Dubai.

1.  Alcohol . Being ***** in public is illegal in Dubai. There are some places which serves alcohol. And one must have license to drink alcohol.
2. Intimacy - Being intimate in public is not allowed in Dubai. You cannot show love or affection to someone publicly.
3. Dresses. Dressing should be modest. You are not allowed to wear revealing and short dresses.
4. Kissing - Kissing is not allowed in public.
5. Summer - Plan your trip between November and March. Summer will be very hot.
6. Don't look up while walking. The pavements are rough and sometimes non existant.
7. Go for Spas and beauty clinics in a star hotels then in a mall.
8. Don't take photos of someone without permission.
9.  During Ramzan festival show respect to their culture.
10. Tipping is allowed in hotels. So you can add tips in your bill itself.
11. During Ramadan you cannot eat, drink, chew or smoke in public during day time.
12. Drugs, pornographic materials, fire arms, ***** materials are banned in Dubai. You are not supposed to carry these items with you.
13. Playing loud music in public is not allowed.
14. Maintain law and order. Don't drink and drive.
15. If you break the law, you are not entitles to lawyer or consular help. So avoid doing any illegal things.