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Did Lord Shiva really run after Mohini?


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As per Srimad Bhagavatham
One day on mount Kailash, God Shiva calls Nandi and all His Ganas and asks" Hey Nandi and Ganas, I completely overlooked one thing to ask you folks. Upon the arrival of Samudra Manthan, the beating of the milk Ocean for divine nectar, I drank the toxin and it turned my throat blue and later we as a whole got back to Kailash, so what occurred straightaway ?
At that point Nandi says " Hey Mahadev, you are antharyami, who knows everything, except let me mention to you what happened later !! Hello my Shiva, Devas and Asuras began to battle for the nectar and were contending who might drink the nectar first, at that point Shri Vishnu took Mohini Avatar and deceived the Asuras and gave the whole nectar to just Devas".
Shiva says " Oh, is it ?? How did the Demons put stock in Mohini ?
Nandi says " Hey Mahadev, Mohini was extremely delightful, that is the thing that I heard Shiva, and many said She was as excellent as our mom Goddess Parvathi ".
Shiva says " Oh is it ? As indicated by me, Goddess Parvathi is the most excellent of all, so Mohini is as lovely as Parvathi, at that point I need to see her at this moment "!!
Saying this, Shiva and His whole family i.e Goddess Parvathi, Nandi and all Shiva ganas went to visit Shri Vishnu in Vaikuntha.

In the wake of arriving at Vaikuntha, they are invited by Shri Vishnu and Shiva and Vishnu talk about typical things occurring.
God Shiva at that point out of nowhere says " Hey Hari ( Vishnu) I caught wind of your Mohini Avatar from my Ganas, they told that you are as wonderful as my significant other Parvathi. Is it so Shri Vishnu , at that point I need to see your Mohini Avatar at the present time. !!
Close to hearing this sentence, Shri Vishnu vanishes from that point.
At that point out of nowhere God Shiva sees an exceptionally wonderful 16 year old young lady playing with a bloom ball in the nearby nursery.
Seeing the maid, God Shiva quickly leaves Goddess Parvathi and His ganas behind, and approaches the young lady.
Seeing God Shiva moving toward Her, the young lady ( Mohini, Avatar of Shri Vishnu) runs from that point and in the following second Shiva would be running behind Mohini.
Following couple of moments, God Shiva's seed falls on the ground and it transforms into brilliant silver. After this God Shiva quickly returns to Goddess Parvati and His ganas.
Seeing Shiva leave from the spot, Mohini also returns and returns back to her unique type of Shri Vishnu.
Everybody staying there were without a care in the world, not responding to the occurrence which simply occurred.
At that point Shri Vishnu says " Hey Nikhila_devottama, the best God, Mahadev, you can never fall into the maya ( hallucination) made by me, I bow to you, that is the reason you are mahakaal, the God for time who never limits in this dream made by me ".
Shiva just gives a grin and He alongside His family leaves from Vaikuntha.



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