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Siddharth Singh

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Did Putin turn Trump into his puppet?


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When you come to power with one’s help, it’s hard to disavow that individual even when she/he is wrong. You basically become powerless in front of her/his favor!
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This is somewhat the case with President Donald Trump in respect to how he’s treating Russian President Putin. By the looks of it, President Trump doesn’t want to upset Putin.

The whole situation is equivalent to how things are in India with PM Modi and the extreme-end of the right wing. They can incite violence, do riots, and say all kinds of controversial things and YET the PM remains shushed. Because he knows he’s in power because of the support the same fanatic group. Saying anything against them would cost him the votes in the next election.

In history, Russia and USA have never been this cozy under the rug as they are today. In fact, previously we would see the two maintain a courteous relationship on the front BUT there would be lots of turmoil internally. Now, the situation is just the opposite.

President Trump does talk tough about Russia and President Putin that aligns well with his masochistic ego and image. However, in secrets, he’s all cozy with President Putin.

Now, one must also note that taking stands and objections against Russia doesn’t really fit Trump’s ideas and political ideologies. His rhetorical “they are taking our jobs” doesn’t fit the Russians. “We’re giving them *yuge* money, millions and millions of dollars” it isn’t apt for Russia. “We will take some actions” this won’t work in front of powerful Russia.

So, President Donald Trump doesn’t really have any reason to go on blows with Russian President Putin. It doesn’t make sense! So, he’s fine being meek internally with Putin. And this certainly helps Russian an awful lot. For long, USA stood tall against the uneventful advances of Russia. Now, having an American President that’s busy making America great again, the door’s clearly open for Russia to flex muscle globally.

So, yes, I do agree with what you’re saying: Putin has managed to turn Trump into his puppet. But then I don’t think President Donald Trump even care. He’s too busy with NFL players and CNN reporters.

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