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limon nextgen

Blogger | Posted 05 Jan, 2019 |

How best can I use the internet as a student?

Nataly Mikhaylova

@Nataly | Posted 15 Feb, 2019

Hello. My favourite way to use the Internet (for finding information at first, not something new:) is and  

Now I am learning Web design as I have idea  to create my own. 

And my strategy - to make a great site learn how not make bad and avoid mistakes. 

I am investigating this resource  and I wish it would help me. 

Have a nice day and productive ideas. 

Riya Kamath

@Riya | Posted 13 Feb, 2019

Hi Limon,

Everyone knows that in this age of google there is a lot of useful information available for everyone on the internet only the thing required is you have to specific and clear what things you want to learn and which information you want.

The Internet is the best source nowadays for each & everything as it is helpful.

But it depends on how you are using it, means the information you are gaining from it.

By the way, I have complete information on this topic which will surely help you as it includes all the information of which things required in education & which are not.

You can check this link -

Ruchika Dutta

Teacher | Posted 08 Jan, 2019

Internet, for students, can be a boon as well as a bane. Like every other product of technology, the internet is a good servant and a bad master. So for students, especially school students, the use of the internet should be accompanied by proper guidance and supervision.

uses-of-internet-for-students-letsdiskuss (Courtesy:

Anyhow, as a student, you can make the best use of the internet in the following ways:

• Internet, when combined with the gadgets like iPad, can be very useful for students.

• Through the internet, you can access various online tutorials on the apps like Byju’s.

• Youtube is also proving to be a great teacher in the present times for students.

• The Internet is a great source of infotainment and helps you learn anything quickly and effectively.

• Any information around the world is on the tips of your fingers when you have internet access.

• You can find quite a lot of informative blogs on the internet to aid you in extra studies.

• Online crash courses are available on the internet through which your CV can be well updated and improved.

• The Internet allows you to be a part of many online communities and join various discussion forums in order to give an edge to your knowledge.

• It also allows you to share your knowledge and help others like they are helping you.

Internet, for a student, can be a pool of knowledge which awaits you to plunge into it. Once you are there, there’s no going back, either for good or bad. If used wisely, it can do wonders for you in increasing your knowledge.