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how to get youtube subscribers??


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Here are the top 40 youtube growth hack tips:
Have a Theme or Particular aspects that you focus on (choose a few subjects and only speak on that)
Create incredibly engaging content

Ensure your videos are of high quality

Ensure your video editing skills are if not amazing - at least average

Be yourself, be original & focus on what you like or specialize in
Ensure the content is not controversial or speaks about taboo topics which will get your video downgraded by youtube team

Make sure you have a great video title

Make sure you select smart tags for your video (that should be related to the title of the video)

Ensure that you have a good description of around 300 words related to your video

Ensure that what you have stated (title) versus the tags versus the description is matching what you are speaking in the video
Create at least one video per week

Advertise and share these videos on all your Social Media platforms

Ensure that you answer ALL the comments on your videos

Always listen to your viewers and fans and note what feedback they have for you

Learn the art of reading bulleted point from a script while creating your video

Learn the principle - less is more by speaking more content in a video

Learn to differentiate yourself from the competition

Study those who are in the same line of work and figure out what works for them

Check your analytics to see who are your viewers who keep visiting you and create content accordingly

Make sure you learn the Youtube Creators Studio tutorial on how to link other videos and make others subscribe
to your channel
Ensure you copy the link for your youtube subscription and share it with people frequently

View your own videos frequently and find out what you can improve upon

Always experiment and test to see what kind of new formats and themes work with people. Test it out for 1 to 3 months. If it is working, then go ahead and implement the new strategy. If not desert it and change it.

Learn advance Editing tools that you can use to impress & thrill your viewers
Cross Pollinate & work with other youtubers so that your fans and his fans can get to see each other. That will expand your viewership base.

Create competitions and make sure you honor your work and give prizes to the rightful winners

Integrate the share button with Twitter, instagram, facebook & blogger sites

Ensure you have one day in a week where you only do videos. Preplan everything for this to happen.

Ensure it is absolutely easy to set up and execute your videos because the easier it is - the more number of videos you would be able to roll out.

Don’t aim for perfection. Just aim for more consistency and content

Learn to talk TO the audience. And enunciate and pronounce words properly. If however, you are not a native english speaker - don’t be too bothered.

Learn to handle criticisms and haters. Just ignore them. But if they harass you - block them.

NEVER EVER EVER use other peoples material. I lost 4,000 videos and my old youtube account because of this.

Slow and steady wins the race. Don’t assume you will be an overnight sensation. Take it slow and steady. And if you enjoy the process - you will achieve incredible success. Remember - it is a marathon and not a sprint.

Ensure all the information on the description + links is filled up properly that will allow potential fans & followers to follow you

Ensure you have information regarding business enquiries (have a proper email account for this)
Make sure you create a good youtube banner - 2560 x 1440 on photoshop and check how it looks on different devices

Ensure you have attractive thumbnails to suit your video and make it stand out - The size is 1280 X 720

Make sure the font used on the thumbnail is IMPACT

Learn to creatively use playlists to make the user experience easier and better.


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Regardless of your niche, with so many players out there and competition so high, gaining subscribers on YouTube has become incredibly important. And this is where a knowledge of YouTube SEO can come to be handy for you.

You need to optimize your videos and channel for them to rank higher for relevant keywords. When you're ranking high, your videos will generally get more number of views. And when that happens, you're likely to gain more subscribers through an effective conversion rate optimization.  

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy:

So, the talk comes to how do you optimize your videos and channels to rank higher on the search result pages? 

The solution isn't that simple. Not at least today, when there are so many amazing creators in virtually every niche. But that being said, it doesn't mean you can't do it. Few basic measures, if pulled religiously, can help you achieve what you're looking for. Here are some tips: 

i) Be very consistent- This is extremely important. No one will subscribe your channel if the videos are uploaded irregularly. So, whether you have planned to make daily uploads or weekly, consistency is the key. Even if the viewer does not subscribe you the first time, if your channel gets a repeated exposure in front of them with fresh videos, they will eventually hit that subscribe button. 

ii) Create quality contents- This is as vague as it gets. It's also super common. But given just how crucial it is, it's worth mentioning. Remember, there's no substitute for quality content. You can manage to get more views on your poor quality video through black hat practices, BUT you can NEVER gain subscribers that way. Period. 

iii) Do keywords research- There are more than a handful of free and premium tools available online to help you find the right keywords for your YouTube videos and channels. Use them. is one of the popular free ones. Find out relevant keywords that have high traffic but at the same time are easy to rank high for. Once with the right phrases, plug them in your channel description, video descriptions, tag space and wherever there's a room. Now note, don't overdo this. You don't want to look spammy. Plug your primary and secondary keywords only when and where it makes sense. 

iv) Write interesting Titles- While we're asked against it, we all judge a book by its cover. Meaning, an awful lot will depend on your video titles. You need to make them interesting, clickable and keywords optimized BUT at the same time you need to keep their length within an asked limit. This can be quite a challenge. So, take your time. Don't rush. This is very important.  

v) Produce perfect descriptions- This is even more important if the length of your videos is more than just a couple of minutes; viewers usually want to read and know what the entire video is about before watching it. So, write perfect video descriptions. Keep them interesting and engaging. Same goes when talking about channel description. Before subscribing to it, people would want to know what the channel is about and who the creator is. So, write a good description for the channel. And moreover, wherever it fits, plug in your keywords.  

vi) Ace social media efforts- There are a handful of ways to attract more views and subscribers on YouTube videos and channel. Social media channels are one of the avenues to do that. Get on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, amass an audience, engage them and then redirect them to your videos tactfully. Now, this will create a snowball effect. Once your videos are getting more views, they will be “recommended” more with related videos. And all these, combined, will ensure that video ranks higher for relevant keywords.  

These are 6 basic ways that will optimize your channel and videos, improving their visibility on ranking page and attracting more views.  

(Courtesy: Whizksy)

Now once you have done this part correctly, time now to convince people to subscribe to your channel. Again, if the content is good, people would subscribe to you automatically. Aside from that, you need to ask people to hit that subscribe button (and the bell), from the front, on a regular basis. Ask them that through video descriptions, channel descriptions, in the video with different popups. Following this, you need to have enough patience. Consistent exposure to your channel and repeated plea from you to subscribe would eventually convince people to press that button.  

Currently, there are two models to amass a large number of subscribers on YouTube. One, like a Vlogger who gains a following due to her/his consistency of uploads. And two, those who create sketch videos, who generally rely on their videos to get viral to attract subscribers. It’s up to you which model you want to follow. Once decided, follow the basics of YouTube SEO and conversion, you will soon be a renowned YouTube name. 


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I have a solitary line answer for your inquiry - Just make Original, Interesting and Quality Content. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY. Presently comes the long part.

There are various sites offering sub for subs, buy subs and so forth. Trust me, there is no utilization of them. Initially, what use is a million supporters if none watch your recordings? 10 subs who watch your recordings routinely and are ravenous for more are much better than a million phony supporters. Also, Youtube will in any case cleanse those phony records. Its simply a question of not many days or months.

When you make great substance, following stage is to share them in Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Reddit,Quora and so on and so forth. Tell your reaches you make recordings. Offer boldly. They may snicker at you today however you will have the last chuckle some time or another on the off chance that you make great substance.

Transfer in a fixed timetable and at a fixed time consistently. Toward the start transfer once per month (as you will stop up your channel with recordings nobody watches) or once per week. Later on as you get more subs, you can build the recurrence to daily.Remember a decent fascinating video for each month will get you a bigger number of subs than a week by week decrepit video. Make certain to transfer them at the equivalent specific time.


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