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Sam Clark

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Is Lasso a better app then TikTok?


Software engineer at HCL technologies | Posted on

Not a chance at all. First of all, Lasso has not even hit the social media worldwide, and TikTok is already earning good reviews.


Speaking historically, TikTok was one of its kind and took over its Western contemporary in no time. Now both the apps have collaborated and are working as TikTok, which is an Instagram-like video oriented Chinese app. TikTok has topped the charts of the most downloaded apps, both Android and iOS, leaving Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat far behind.

Lasso, on the other hand, has been recently started by Facebook and is nothing more than a clone of TikTok. If we get into the differentiation, we would find nothing but Lasso lacking many features that TikTok has already popularized and made the social media users used to these features. This is justified too because Lasso is still in its testing stage and has just been launched in the USA.

If we talk about the popular features of TikTok that Lasso lacks then there is the feature of comments where users can comment on any popular video. One more feature is that of the search bar.

Besides these important features, there are Snapchat like filters and lenses that TikTok supports but Lasso doesn’t. Also, the audios available on TikTok are much better than those available on Lasso.
So there are many obvious reasons that make TikTok the first choice of users when it comes to video apps. Talking of Lasso, much of its lacks and deficiencies are because of its infancy.


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