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Yashita Ahuja

Student | Posted on |

Blues of monsoon


Hallo beautiful rainbows,

This is my very first attempt with blogs and I so hope you guys like it .


So,What pops up first in our mind when we hear the word monsoon and fashion?? Is it possible to

be fashionable and not let the cons of monsoon affect us !?


This monsoon let's dress smart and vibrant and enjoy the the tip tip barsa pani season !!

We so easily feel the blue during rainy days and it is not only reflected in our mood but also our 



1. So my very first outfit is a kurta dress which is perfect to survive monsoon and satisfies our 

fashion quotient.

This is a high-low floral kurta dress with pink as the prime colour and tints of blue with white


Street smart choice for all you guys out there : try flip flops which are easily washable and

comfortable to survive the only dreadful brown puddles .


Blues of monsoon



blues of monsoon



Blues of monsoon



2. The next and the last outfit is a very comfortable yet stylish and trendy outfit. Pair any crop

top or your dad's t-shirt(tie it up in a knot ) with a grey monotone pleated culotte.


Blues of monsoon





Blues of monsoon



Thank you rainbows for following through the blog and go give feedback's. A little appreciation would be accepted.


Blues of monsoon



Blues of monsoon


Outfit details

1. Kurta Dress – Fbb fashion

2. Grey flip flops – Bangkok

3. Crop top –Max

4. Grey pleated Culotte – Bangkok

5. Accessories - Sarojni nagar

6. Purse - Indonesia.