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Prakash Rao

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Causes of Mental Illness


Though a lot of resources have been invested to know the root cause of this problem, yet it is tough to pinpoint what can cause mental illness. Researchers say that every mind has its own way of interpreting things and there are different scenarios each mindset faces. That makes it tough to put a finger on what caused the mental illness in the first place. However, certain areas that can have an impact on mental health have been collectively put forward so as to help people to deal with the problem instead of dealing with the disease.

Some of The Areas Are:

1.Your Upbringing:

Yes, though it is one of the most personal aspects of your life, yet if there has been any time that has a sad impression on your mind, it can be a cause of mental illness in the future. How you grew up, the environment that you got in school, your social group, the environment in your family, all affect on how your brain works.

2. Genetics:

If there has been a case of mental illness in your family, this increases the risk of you being affected by it. But that doesn’t mean that you will get it or someone else will for sure, it increases the risk and you need to minimize it by taking the appropriate measures.

3. Addiction To Drugs:

If you have any addiction to drugs or alcohol, they can trigger an upsetting episode for the mind. Because if it can happen once, chances are it can occur again and the chain can lead to mental illness.

4. Stress And related issues:

There are increased chances of having to go through stress or trauma during adulthood. During this time, you have got to deal with work issues, financial issues, relationships or unwanted relocation which puts you in isolation. At times, if they don’t get handled well, you are at an increased risk of suffering from a mental disorder.

5. Self-doubt factors:

This has also been identified as a cause of mental illnesses. You should never have low self-esteem and think that you are any less from anyone around you. Thoughts like these can increase the risk or anxiety or depression.

Even though there have been initiatives in the past to overcome the problems, the increasing number of cases show that they are not enough. There are plenty of programs that have been constructed to help people deal with their mental issues but they have been facing problems to achieve their goals. So let’s find out the issues faced by health programs that are meant to lend a helping hand if you are dealing with a mental disorder.

1. Knowledge Gap:

Though there are hundreds of such programs across the globe, they all have different measures which they act upon. It needs to be updated with proper feedback and success stories to make people believe why a chosen program can help them. It should tell them how people have come forward to accept the problem and then dealing with it to live a life they want to live through a mental health program.

2. The Right Care:

It is one of the main issues for mental health. Some of the people who have decided to take the help of health programs often feel that they are not getting the right care. Maybe it is because of inadequate resources or any other reason, but this has been a problem for many cases of mental health programs.

3. Shortage Of Financial Assistance:

Helping you or any of your known who has been diagnosed with any mental illness has never been easy. However, the health programs which are there to give the required support themselves struggle in terms of financial aid. There are payments to be made to avail the resources involved in the program and then there are maintenance costs too. Shortage of enough funds makes it tough in smaller cities to make the most of the mental health plan.

4. Workforce:

Some of the organizations which are into mental health programs say that they don’t have enough manpower. This leads to increased duty on the present ones and ultimately the care of the patient is compromised.