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Kamlesh Joshi

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Ways to Score Higher Marks in Exams


Examination! Afraid? No doubt the word itself puts most of us under tremendous pressure. Although we fail to realise their significance in our lives. Exams are the stepping stones to success which enable us to realise our hidden potential and help us to fulfil our dreams. Apart from this, we live in a society where no one follows their passion because everyone wants a job with the highest salary!!! But you might be wondering how to manage stress and even score higher marks. Well, the answer is not difficult, the strategies below can help you keep pace throughout the year. They will ensure exam success as well as mastery of the subject.

 simple tips to score higher marks in Exams

1. Manage your time efficiently

score higher marks

Two – three months before the exam, try to minimize distractions and keep your priorities straight. Instead of wasting time in playing video games or chilling out with friends, use this surplus time doing something productive ie.- brain mapping, planning study timetable. A recently conducted research has shown that 87% of students perform well in class when they follow a strict timetable. Time management skills can help you to take control over the study workload, reduces stress and achieve more within a short span of time.

2. Identify your strengths and weaknesses

score higher marks

Spend time in solitude and introspect to discover your strength and weaknesses. Your strengths are things you can leverage on, things you can use to push yourself further. Weaknesses are areas you need to improve on In order to attain higher marks you need to work and practice extensively your weak links so that they don’t propose a trouble in future. eg if you have a slow writing speed then you need to practice writing every day until you become able to complete paper on time.

3. Develop a study plan for yourself

score higher marks

The best way to score higher marks in exams is to estimate the length of the entire course and divide it into short term goals. Now plan out dates up to which you wish to complete a particular goal. Plan a study schedule that allows you to stay in control of the academic workload.

4. Study regularly, compile key concepts and revise them

score higher marks

Set aside 2-3 hours every day and read a portion of the topic you wish to study, pen down the key terms and concepts. Now start revising these notes on a regular basis. This will help you in recalling the entire chapter in a glance.

5. Work with concentration and keep enough time to practice

score higher marks

You need to spare some time to study no matter what, even if you are studying for 10 minutes then also keep your mind focussed and try to retain as much as you can. Prepare small test to measure your ability, time yourself, practice speed and try to reduce the time taken to complete a particular test. Practice under adverse conditions and create an environment similar to the examination hall.