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Amita Kaur

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What’s the best platform for “everything cricket”?


Cricket has become the most popular and most followed sports in India. Which started just as elite sports, somehow signifying the community standards in a colonial society, has now become a worldwide popular sport played by men and women alike, people of all ages regardless of any segregation.

This popularity of this sport has gone to the extent that we find every next person checking the latest update of cricket news on their mobile phones every morning. Cricket fans previously were just confined to a particular zone. The craze was limited to the dream to watch live cricket match for the fans.

However, with the evolving and changing technologies, the scenario has changed a lot. What the cricket fans demands and wants now is a platform that serves everything about cricket. A platform which not only keeps the fans updated with the latest cricket news and live scores, but also helps them to know more about their favorite cricketers.

Cricket fans these days love to read and follow what their favorite cricketers are doing. What is their daily fitness routine, how did they manage to reach the position in the cricket industry where they are today and so on. They want a platform which actually complies with the notion of “‘everything about cricket”.

Thus, the cricket fans are now inclined to a platform where they can get everything they want about cricket. Right from the cricket schedules to entertaining cricket blogs and latest news to cricketers profiles, a platform where one can literally get everything they want to know or read about cricket is what they want.

In today’s digitally advanced world, there is no short of such platforms. There are a number of cricket platforms which serve these purposes. One such platform which literally embodies the concept of “everything about cricket” is Cricsixer.

It is an emerging platform which not only has re-discovered cricket from various angles but has also revolutionaries the love for cricket, especially in a country like India. The website has many features and offers multiple services which are totally worth drooling for a die-heart cricket fan.

The live cricket score updates have become more than common these days. While there are a number of news websites, mobile applications and other websites which have this feature of live cricket score update to keep the fans updated about the ongoing current cricket match, they have also contributed to this with a little extra spark.

With live cricket score update they also have listed all the match schedules for the entire season or year. This helps you to keep updated with all the upcoming matches and upcoming cricket series that you do not want to miss. In their attempt to become an all-rounder and an all-inclusive platform for cricket lovers serving them with news, updates, blogs, videos, photos, scores, schedules and much more about cricket, they have succeeded to a great extent.

The website is regularly updated with the latest update of cricket news on a daily basis. So what you get here is your daily dose of cricket news if you are a die-heart cricket fan. Want to keep up with the update of your favorite cricketer? Want to know what they’re up to? Want to know any cricket news before your friends tell them to you? Want to know the entire biography of thee cricketer you idealize? You’ll get them all here!

It is a platform which can also be labeled as a personification of a cricket fan who only cares about cricket and nothing else and who knows anything and everything about cricket regardless of country, gender and level. They not only feature the news about international cricket of cricket news featuring India but also cover the worldwide cricket updates.

This also includes the small level or rather the street level cricket teams to international level cricket teams. If you wish to read regular cricket blog giving tips son various styles of batting or taking care of your cricket bat or just why and how cricket has emerged in our country, you’ll get some amazing stuff to read here. Cricsixer has it all for you.

They regularly post blogs about the cricket updates, the journey of cricketers and how they’ve come across the position where they are today, cricket tips for beginners and so on. Some of their blogs also focus on how early cricket education helps in your child’s growth and development. So, if you’re a parent to an overly enthusiastic little cricket lover, you can grab some cool tips to nurture your little cricketer the right way which he will surely thank you later.

The team and players section in this website is what you will love to read. They’ve narrated the journey of some famous and popular cricketers around the world so beautifully that you’ll lure into their world for once. They also feature the state level or district level champions who are the unsung heroes in the cricket industry and might bloom into a well-famed and a resourceful cricketer for the nation.

You’ll also get the latest highlights and flashbacks of important events in the past cricket matches here. Who wouldn't love to revisit the era of cricket they loved? Well, you can do it here. If you’re out and want to keep up with the latest updates of the cricket match going on at the moment, all you need is to log in to their website and all the updates will be right in front of you. This indeed is a great platform to keep the cricket fans engaged and glued to everything which talks and presents cricket. A cricket lover is sure to love this initiative and effort.

You can also subscribe to their email list to get the latest updates of cricket or top cricket news everyday right in your inbox so that you do not have to search for it every day. They also have a very active and engaging social media handles for cricket lovers where you can find some interesting posts about the sport you love the most.