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Cricketer , Dronacharya Cricket Academy | Posted | Sports

What are some good qualities of MS Dhoni?


Blogger | Posted

No matter what the situation is, MSD is the coolest person you could find on the cricket field.


student | Posted

M S Dhoni is the coolest person i've ever seen in cricket. No matter what the situation is, he will always stay calm.

He is the best All Rounder in India team.

You never see M S Dhoni getting depressed after losing a game or celebrating too much after a win because he knows losing and winning are part of the game.

He always shares the credit which is necessary to bring out confidence in team members, make them feel secure and encourages them to perform.


Entrepreneur | Posted

There are many good qualities of MS Dhoni.

• He gives opportunities to all, and not necessarily the “big names”. Remember T20 World Cup final in 2007? Who bowled the last over? It’s a top sign of a good leader. 

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: The Week)

• He leads by example… Much like Virat Kohli. When he expects others to perform good and be best, he himself first performs good and stay best.

• He remains calmed and composed even in the most high-stake moments with very little indication of pressure on his face. It is one of the most exceptional traits that very few people have. (This is one of the best qualities of MS Dhoni!)

(Courtesy: DNA India)

• He knows how to manage success. So many people, when they taste success, they can’t handle it. Dhoni, even when coming from a small town, with not a very extravagant and loud personality, has managed to handle his (MASSIVE) success fairly well.

• He trusts himself and his capabilities. There’s a reason why he takes so many matches till the last over, and even the last ball. Because he trusts himself that he can do it.

(Courtesy: Cricfit)

• He is very calculative. He analyzes the situation of the game very, very good. He makes very calculative decisions which not only brings clarity to the process but also make the end result achievable.

(Courtesy: India TV)

• He seems to be the kind of guy who is fine taking tough decisions. He doesn’t seem to let emotions come into his decision-making. And it’s very evident in the way he treats players, select players in the squad and so forth.

• He genuinely shows respect to his rivals and seniors.

• He seems to be very smart with money. So many endorsements, so many investments. A solid portfolio for his after-retirement. 

• He is extremely hard working. Sadly, behind his brand and too much glam of the game, this simple fact gets hidden. The guy has worked unstoppably for more than a decade. He has proven that the harder you work, the luckier you get.

(Courtesy: Moneycontrol)

• Aside from his extravagant preference for bikes, he is a simple, family person.

• He has that learners’ mind. Over the decade, his game, style,and approach have changed a lot. He continuously learns and improves. Meaning, even though he is, he doesn’t seem to believe he’s the best in the game.

(Courtesy: The Indian Express)

• They say the wise man speaks, the wiser man listens. This fits well with Dhoni. He doesn’t have a very loud personality. However, his presence, which he has built with his hard work and persistence, speaks volume of his credibility and legacy. (Much like Rahul Dravid!)

These are some of the good qualities of MS Dhoni.


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