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What are some unknown facts about Brihadeeswarar Temple?


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  • No coupling specialists like concrete were utilized, the sanctuary was simply work by interlocking the stones, the entire sanctuary is developed with rock stones, such a designing wonder.
  • The shading specialists utilized for the never-ending artworks inside the sanctuary was separated from nature like blossoms, rocks, tree trunk… the other way around.
  • Just sanctuary on the planet which shadow doesn't show up on ground. It projects the shadow, yet the falling setting of the stones from the beginning top makes a fantasy that the shadow doesn't show up on ground.
  • The current name of the sanctuary was given by the Marathas.
  • Ever pondered about the storm cellar of the sanctuary, the whole structure had withstood ground-breaking seismic tremors before. The whole structure was based on a moving pontoon loaded up with waterway sand, so the whole structure could move somewhat toward any path, so it can't be influenced by quakes, Such a virtuoso were those Engineers.
  • The Lingam inside the sanctorum weighs around 20 tons.
  • 81 stances of Bharatanatiyam were cut external the sanctuary.
  • This sanctuary filled in as a stronghold too during the standard of Marathas, it has a wide canal and groups can be fixed to the external dividers the opening cut out of the divider.
  • Alter 1: On the 275th day of the 25th year of his reign(1010), Rajarajan introduced a brilliant finial to be planten on the highest point of vimana of the sanctuary



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