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What are some ways to prevent swine flu?


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Swine flu is a disease which is getting viral very rapidly. The infection, which spreads fastly from one person to another, is now rampant even in India. This disease, however, is not incurable. With a little bit of caution and care, one can prevent himself/herself from swine flu. 

Symptoms of Swine Flu: 

  • If you have acquired swine flu, you will have a fever even higher than 100 degrees along with breathing problems.
  • The nose runs a lot, and you don't feel hungry. 
  • There is irritation in throat and headache as well. 
  • There is swelling in joints and vomiting is normal. 
How to prevent swine flu: 

Tulsi (Basil) 

Basil is a plant which is easily available in India. The plant is found in almost every Indian household, and we all are aware of its medicinal properties. So it just not prevents swine flu, but several other diseases as well. 

The plant makes strengthens your immunity against the virus of swine flu. All you need to do is consume 5 Basil leaves daily. 

Letsdiskuss(Courtesy: Southern exposure seed exchange) 


One easy domestic way of preventing swine flu is camphor. Drink the camphor dissolved water, and it will surely keep you away from the dangerous virus. 

prevention-from-swine-flu-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Times Food - Times of India)

It can also be used for the cure. Make a powder of camphor and mix it with boiled potatoes and bananas. Feed it to the patient. 

Camphor, however, is not to be taken every day. It must be taken only once or twice a month. This way, your body will be resistant not only to swine flu but from many other diseases. 


It is easily accessible all over the country. Drinking the syrup made from it kills all the fatal viruses inside our body. It strengthens you from inside. 

prevention-from-swine-flu-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Lybrate)

To make Giloy's syrup, boil a stem of Giloy plant with five Basil leaves for 10 minutes. Let it cool, and then add pepper, sugar, and rock salt to it. 

This syrup works even in the prevention and cure of Chicken Pox. 


prevention-from-swine-flu-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Verywell Health)

Garlic also has its own medicinal value. The anti-viral properties of Garlic help us increase our immunity. Take two garlic buds with lukewarm water empty stomach every morning. 

It also improves your digestive system. 


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Truly it is reparable,

1. Treatment is to a great extent steady and comprises of bedrest, expanded liquid utilization, hack suppressants, and antipyretics and analgesics (eg, acetaminophen, nonsteroidal mitigating drugs) for fever and myalgias. Serious cases may require intravenous hydration and other strong measures.

2. Swine influenza infection helpless to the antiviral medications oseltamivir and zanamivir.

Give both of them.

1. Oseltamivir ( Tamiflu )

Grown-up portion -

Top. Oseltamivir-75mg BD x 5 days (oral course)

( 12 hourly ) - RECOMMENDED

Or on the other hand give 75 mg OD x 10 days. (Oral) ( 24 hourly)

Pediatric portion

Intense sickness and age <1 year

<3 months: 12 mg BD x5 days

3-5 months: 20 mg BD x5 days

6-11 months: 25 mg BD x5 days

Intense sickness and age ≥1 year


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