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What are the Top 10 Romantic Questions To Ask from Your Husband?


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You indeed need to have good communication power so that you can build and maintain any relationship. But the relationship of a husband-wife demands more than this.

Do you think that romance has reduced between you and your husband at least to a certain extent? You are facing many challenges to cope up with it, right! You wonder about the reason for such distance between you and your husband instead of enough communication.

Have you got frustrated? Please do not be. Because you have not yet tried asking the 10 romantic questions from your husband. The questions have been drafted in a way that can bring both of you to the ultimate romance.


10 romantic questions that you should ask your husband:

1.What is the picture of romance to you?

Do your relationship lacks romance? You are trying your best but with no effort from your husband! Then try asking this question and get a detailed answer.

2.What are my actions that make you feel loved?

The answer will let you know the thinking of your husband regarding romance. This helps you to know whether your efforts for a romantic relationship are enough or not.

3.What about spending a whole day that you always wanted to do?

This question opens the door for a detailed discussion about your fantasies, dreams. No matter if they are doable or not but surely enhances romance.

4.How do you feel if we go on a romantic trip?

Convey your desires for a romantic holiday. Try receiving detailed information about his desires.

5.What are your thoughts about the inclusion of romance in our daily lives?

This question enables you to know about the efforts you should improve, include or delete to become a more romantic couple.

6.What's your favourite in our relationship?

This question encourages both of your positive attitudes and enhances happiness.

7.Do you think that romance between us has changed?

This question helps both of you know each other better and gives romance a second chance.

8.What are the obstructions for romance in-between us?

This encourages discussion, the reasons for reduced romance, and steps to overcome those.

9.What are your exciting expectations from our future?

The answer can motivate you for your future life with your husband.

10.From where have you derived your ideas of romance?

This question can boost a funny and interesting discussion in-between both of you.

Try to keep romantic gestures while asking these questions to your husband.


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