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Posted 01 Jul, 2020 |

What is a satellite phone? Why is it so expensive?


Posted 01 Jul, 2020

what is satellite phone?why is it so expensive?
A satellite telephone,satellite phone or satphone is kind of mobile phone that connects to phones or the telephone network by radio through orbiting satellites instead of terrestrial cell sites,as cellphone do.
  • The advantage of a satphone is that its use isn't limited to areas covered by cell towers; it are often utilized in most or all geographic locations on the surface. The mobile equipment, also referred to as a terminal, varies widely.  
  • There are a few of basic facts about satellites that cause the high prices. The first is that the outrageous cost to launch anything into orbit. This cost is typically associated with the load of the things to be put in orbit. Each additional ounce costs an enormous additional amount of cash to urge to orbit. this suggests the designers and makers of satellite equipment must optimize the load of their products along side all the opposite qualities. 
  • The other quality is that the fact these devices are out of reach for maintenance. you cannot walk up to a satellite and wash the windows or replace a circuit card. this suggests all systems must be made reliable through tricks like redundancy. It also means the entire operation of producing and testing satellites before launch must be wiped out "Clean rooms". Any dirt or dust that gets on any a part of a satellite will stay there forever and risk damaging the interior parts.
  • This all means there must be a fantastic amount of design and engineering that goes into satellites and their components. Unless the owner is NASA (who generally doesn't do much to ensure reliability of their products) there must be extensive testing to ascertain that each one the cash to urge this equipment into orbit can pay off with an extended operational life.
  • The last a part of this example is that the low volume of products. this suggests each design only features a few copies of the resulting product to share the incredibly high engineering and manufacturing design costs. therefore the huge price of every satellite must include an outsized portion of the extreme processes needed to style and produce it.
  • In the exceptional case of military satellites there's an enormous additional cost in securing the knowledge about the satellite and therefore the information handled by the satellite. i do not think any normal person has enough imagination to know the value of this security. only for one example, one satellite I worked on a few years ago had United States Navy warships providing security on the ocean within the vicinity of the launch site.
There are following reason for satellite expensive.
There are total but a million commercial satellite users worldwide (compared to many billion mobile / smartphone subscribers).   
Because launching a constellation of telecom satellites up into space and having them maintained , recycled with new satellites costs tons. adding thereto, the info that's so feeble from the transmitter or receiver end must be picked up by a mere car sized satellite on Low earth orbit , Satellite phones allow you to speak without censorship and potentially without being monitored.
1- Satellite phones are expensive because they're using technology which is dear, I mean it's extremely costly to send spacecraft in orbit which usually isn't for reap big profits while sending radio waves down toward the world from miles above to run phones.
2- Satellite phones are illegal for public use because they can't be easily located/tracked monitored and recorded.

3-It's basically very expensive to run a service that involves an outsized number of space launches. 
Perhaps we should always ask if satellite phones are expensive enough?