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David Warner

7Search PPC is the most happening Pay-Per-Click (PPC)... | Posted 04 Jan, 2021 |

What is better, SEO or PPC?

leo edward

student | Posted 07 Jan, 2021

PPC and SEO both are important PPC is paid marketing and you can get quick results and SEO is long term work and you can get organic traffic through keywords now a days people are using automation tools for seo and marketing it is very easy way for *****>

Iqra Chaudhry

Business consultant / Web Developer / SEO Expert | Posted 07 Jan, 2021

Definitely, both are compulsory if you have budget and patience. SEO works organically and long lasting whereas PPC only gives you client as long as you pay. However, if you need more precise answer contact firstideaweb. They are the best in it. Thanks, me later. 

diksha gupta

Digital Marketing Manager | Posted 06 Jan, 2021

PPC and SEO both have own importance, If you have high marketing budget and want quick results like if you have ecommerce site and you want quick conversions and revenue in such a sort time than PPC is the better option and if you have patience and low budget than SEO is best option it's a cost effective but giving results slowly.

Expertek Cyber Solutions

Digital Marketer | Posted 05 Jan, 2021

SEO and PPC both have separate purposes. I am working as digital marketing expert at Expertek Cyber Solutions Inc for many years ago, in my opinion SEO is Cost Effective but a slow process whereas PPC is fast in result generation but have more cost as compared to SEO. If you have high marketing budget and want to generate results in terms of Orders and revenue in short time then you have to adopt PPC whereas if you want to get ranked your website on specific keywords in SERP and have time to work with consistency then you have to go for SEO.