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shweta rajput

blogger | Posted 16 Jan, 2021 |

What is Chickenpox?

MANU 011

@MANU | Posted 27 Jan, 2021

I am really happy to be there and wanna share with you some great information.

Wanda Driscoll

blogger | Posted 26 Jan, 2021

Very dangerous disease.

Jacey Tome

student | Posted 19 Jan, 2021

It is like a dangerous disease .

shweta rajput

blogger | |Updated 19 Jan, 2021

Chickenpox is a contamination that causes irritated, red knocks to shape on your skin. It is brought about by an infection called as varicella-zoster infection. This infection can wait in your body for quite a long time and later reason an excruciating rash called "shingles."

Chickenpox used to be considerably more typical than it is presently. Today there is an antibody (a shot) that assists keep with peopling from getting tainted. The immunization is known as the varicella antibody.