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Khushboo Gupta

HR Executive | Posted on | others

What is the definition of love?


Student | Posted on

“Love looks not with the eyes, / but the mind, and therefore the wing’d cupid painted blind “ – this
is a famous saying by Shakespeare. Love is always between two minds and two souls Thus love is
The hardest task is to define love because Love is undefined, uncertain. It is one ultimate form of
paradox, we usually try to put up words to describe it but still the definition remains unfinished as
every entity has its own way of defining it.

Love keeps you Bound is a myth. Freedom is only found in
love. It is the only reality where we find absolute peace. Love is not only prioritizing the other, it is
to give priority to your own life. There is no perfect relationship. To be more perfect, love is all
about loving your imperfections. The imperfectly perfect relationship goals are to trust and give back when needed. Trust is one of the basic as well as important requirements of a relationship.
Strengthen your trust, in return, it will automatically strengthen your relationship. To give an
example, have you ever noticed your grandparents? They are in such an age when they could hardly
talk, hardly listen but they magically understand each other. That is the soul connection and this is
love. The unsaid understanding is love.


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