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What is the greatest scientific fraud of the past 50 years?


phd student Allahabad university | Posted

This was perhaps the best misrepresentation of the twentieth century.
"In 1912 Charles Dawson, a novice excavator professed to have found the 'missing connection' among gorilla and man. He had discovered piece of a human-like skull in Pleistocene rock beds close to Piltdown town in Sussex, England.
Dawson kept in touch with Arthur Smith Woodward, Keeper of Geology at the Natural History Museum at that point, about his find.
Dawson and Smith Woodward began cooperating, making further revelations in the territory. They found a bunch of teeth, a jawbone, more skull sections and crude instruments, which they recommended had a place with a similar person.
Smith Woodward made a recreation of the skull pieces, and the archeologists guessed that the find showed proof of a human precursor living 500,000 years back. They declared their disclosure at a Geological Society meeting in 1912. Generally, their story was acknowledged in accordance with some basic honesty.
Notwithstanding, in 1949 new dating innovation showed up that changed logical assessment on the age of the remaining parts Using fluorine tests, Dr Kenneth Oakley, a geologist at the Natural History Museum, found that the Piltdown remains were just 50,000 years of age. This killed the chance of the Piltdown Man being the missing connection among people and chimps as now people had just formed into their ***** sapiens structure.
Following this, organic anthropologist Dr Joseph ***** and human anatomist Wilfrid Le Gros Clark, both from Oxford University, worked with Dr Oakley to additional test the age of the Piltdown discoveries. Their outcomes indicated that the skull and jaw parts really came from two unique species, a human and a chimp, presumably an orangutan.
Scratches on the surfaces of the teeth, obvious under the magnifying instrument, uncovered that the teeth had been scraped down to make them look human. They likewise found that the majority of the finds from the Piltdown site had been falsely stained to coordinate the nearby rock.
The end: Piltdown Man was a nervy phony and a modern logical extortion.
Piltdown Man noggin and mandible as reproduced by Dr Arthur Smith Woodward (L) and Professor Arthur Keith (R)"



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