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What is the summary of the fault in our stars?


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How often do we live in a way that we are grateful for its each and every day? How long do we fall in love for, to feel its undying depth?. The fault in our stars is one such story.

 It is a story about a 16 year old girl Hazel Grace suffering from thyroid cancer, when her mother who belives her to be depressed enrolls her to attend weekly cancer support group. There she meets a seem to happy go lucky, and self claimingly cool Augustus Waters (Gus)

who lost a leg to ***** cancer. They bond over sharing with each other their hobbies while gus gives her "counter insurgence", hazel recommends "An imperial affliction".

Hazel strongly feels for the character in imperial affliction as she finds herself similar to Anna (novel character).

Gus wrote to its writer enquiring for its next publication when he recieved mail back from him that he is only willing to answer questions directly on the meeting.

Gus used his make a wish to surprise hazel and took her to amsterdam along with her mother.

Gus takes Hazel on a date to confess his love for her.

On arriving there they met Peter Van, who they found completely intoxicated and who lashed on them and belittled her disease. 

Feeling utterly shattered they left from his home and went on to see other sightseeing where they also kiss for the very first time. The very next day however Gus told Hazel that his health detoriated and his cancer spread all over in his body.

He asked her and his friend Isaac to deliver pre funeral and eulogies. 

Gus dies in eight days, on his funeral however Peter van came and told hazel that his novel was based on his daughter who died due to leukemia. He also delivers a letter to her which he said Gus asked him to deliver as he was a bad writer himself. 

She read the letter to know Gus always loved her. 

Then she look at the sky and says, ” Maybe okay is our always “.


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