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ravi singh

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What will happen if I stop reading the Bhagavad Gita halfway?


teacher | Posted

The information on gita resembles unadulterated nectar, and those honey bees (spirits) that drink it become unadulterated spirits as well. Presently, getting to the heart of the matter.

Half-information is exceptionally hazardous.

Have a genuine model.

You have read for your up and coming tests. In any case, the issue is, you have concentrated a large portion of the schedule. This is like betting. Simply think, imagine a scenario in which you face addresses just from the aspect of the schedule you haven't considered. You will presumably wind up with a major "Zero" in your paper.

Same things occur in here too.

No one can tell what sort of difficulties you face in your life. Bhagavadgita exhibits each phase of life unmistakably, it makes it simpler to take care of a portion of your issues throughout everyday life. It is the finished information on life. In the event that you ever understood it, at that point please read it totally; else you won't be profited totally.

I am likewise taking on the web Bhagavadgita courses, I am gradually venturing into the universe of extreme truth.

At the point when I advised my dad I needed to take up Bhagavadgita, he conversed with me about it. He needed me to finish it completely, not to stop it most of the way; as he had done likewise botch and wound up in being befuddled in certain phases of life. This was advised to me by him :

"You can contend with the individuals who know nothing(you win without any problem). You can likewise contend with the individuals who know everything(either of you will win); yet those half-filled pots with just half information, you will have a truly difficult stretch creation them comprehend (they will keep contending, they will never stop to tune in to ur words; they act determinedly). Pick what you need to turn into."

Never quit anything midway. Continue understanding it. Bhagavadgita is the Ultimate truth. It ought to never be halted midway.

A satisfyable response to you, I trust. No offense utilized.

Hare  Krishna



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