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When was there the most personal freedom in Chinese history?


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Individual flexibility is extremely difficult to pass judgment. After I experienced secondary school in Los Angeles in the last part of the 1960s (hippy days), I experienced the most moderate office (Chinese Lit) in the most traditionalist college in Taiwan (NTNU) at a time which modern pundits state was a time of political suppression and persecution; my inclination was that I had more right to speak freely in NTNU than I had in LA. Obviously you were unable to call for rough topple of the public authority or advance socialism, on the grounds that the Cultural Revolution was going on in the PRC and the peril was genuine, yet calling for ousting the public authority isn't supported in any time or spot. Trump just attempted, and see where it got him?
My point is, the thing that you call individual flexibility is extremely difficult to pass judgment, particularly at an eliminate of hundreds of years.
Additionally, individual flexibility is more an advanced Western social idea than something that has rung through the ages. Not every person would consent toward the Western ideas of individual flexibility.
HMongs who moved to the US from Indochina during the 1970s griped that there was no opportunity in the USA, since they were not allowed to chase as unreservedly as they had at home. They needed to have licenses, notice dates, etc.
An old buddy of mine, a Tayal tribesman, is extremely pleased with a photograph of his granddad, taken during the 1920s, holding the top of another man; the Tayal considered scouting something other than an opportunity, but instead an obligation they owed their precursors. Would you consider scouting an individual flexibility?
So when you attempt to characterize individual flexibility past the advanced Western convention, you run into a great deal of issues. In any case, as to China, I will cite a companion of mine. He was a  turncoat from the PRC during the Cultural Revolution. Once we were discussing government, etc, and he said that in China,  opportunity has never been that significant; what has consistently been more significant is  being calm in any conditions.



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