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Timothy Upton

Financial Advisor, Blogger, Content Writer, Online... | Posted 12 Sep, 2019 |

Which is the most popular Cryptocurrency Converter application for android?

Pankhu Khare

blogger | |Updated 26 Sep, 2019

Bitcoin Wallet by Blockchain Luxembourg.



Bitcoin Ticker Widget.

Coins.ph Wallet.



The Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Android:

KTG Financial Research

Sol Wheeler

Blogger, Article Writer | |Updated 12 Sep, 2019

A currency converter is a package code that's designed to convert one currency into another so as to examine its corresponding worth. The code is mostly a district of an internet website or it forms a mobile app and it's supported current market or bank exchange rates.

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Cryptocurrency converter App's Coolest features

  • Convert Physical & Digital Money: Calculate between real and digital currencies, the rates are in the time period
  • Historic Graph Prices: Track cryptocurrencies behavior over time
  • Daily Notifications & alerts: Have our app send you notifications on your favorite currencies modifications or at any hour or price change you choose.
  • Offline Mode: No internet connections are needed

Other features

1. It has created the foremost useful style, simple to browse and multi-theme, for day and night.

2. Create notifications supported currency worth changes, or by an hour you choose
3. It has created it thus easy and quick to use that you’ll be able to get exchange conversions in only a few seconds.
4. Convert multiple currencies quickly.
5. This app is supposed for all users: travelers, students, teachers, financial analysts.
6 Includes a handy Formula Calculator, simply add one thing like (5+5)/10*2 within the quantity field and watch the magic happen.