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Which were the top 10 strongest warriors of Treta Yuga?


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Master Rama: The child of ruler Dasharatha of Ikshvaku line and the seventh symbol of Lord Vishnu who was conceived for the reason to reestablish the interminable dharma in Treta yuga by murdering any semblance of some strong evil spirits like Taraka, Subahu, Khara, Dushana, Maricha, Kumbhakarna, Makaraksha and Ravana.
Indrajit: The oldest child of Ravana who was the culprit of some amazing deeds like vanquishing all the classes of divine beings including their main Indra and strikingly procuring the inheritance to be the main hero equipped for crushing Lord Rama in the field of the landmark.
Hanuman: The most impressive hero of Ramayana regarding physical quality and his enormous ability was hailed by Ravana after he murdered the absolute most fierce warriors of Lanka, for example, Jambumali, seven children of Prahasta, five officers of Ravana's military and the youthful ruler Akshaya Kumara.
Lakshmana: The manifestation of Lord Vishnu's snake Adishesha who was instrumental in the triumph of Lord Rama in the place where there is Lankapuri by murdering the two amazing evil spirits Indrajit and Atikaya with the weapons Brahmastra and Indrastra separately.
Vali: His physical quality was tantamount to Hanuman and he exhibited the reality by easily lifting the enormous skeleton of bison Dundubhi and flinging it away to 100 yojanas close to Mount Rishyamukha.
Kartavirya Arjuna: The amazing lord of the Haihaya realm and he was one of only a handful hardly any substances who ever given a thrashing to Ravana in the war zone.

Ravana: The incredible devil of Treta yuga who was ground-breaking enough to vanquish any semblance of most impressive gods, for example, Varuna, Kubera, Yama and Kala.
Kumbhakarna: The monster sibling of Ravana who crushed any semblance of Indra and Yama in a fight and this reality was referenced by Vibhishana to Lord Rama.
Angada: The main fighter other than Lakshmana who crushed Indrajit in the field of the combat zone.
Sugreeva: The incredible Vanara boss who wiped out the other ground-breaking evil presences of Lanka, for example, Kumbha, Nikumbha, Praghasa, Mahodara and Virupaksha.
The most remarkable hero of Treta yuga was without a doubt Lord Rama since he was none other the supernatural Narayana himself and a definitive encapsulation of a wide range of triumph



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