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Why can-t people give a chance to Rahul Gandhi?


Net Qualified (A.U.) | Posted

I for one will offer Rahul gandhi a possibility in the event that he can response these focuses
1) clarify where the assets for nyay plan will come and by what means will he guarantee that the working class citizen won't be burdened more.
2) How will he guarantee that all cash from the plans will 100% go to the recipients without any Leakages and unaccounted riches. In the event that any government official trapped in this, what will be the discipline? Allude to Ashok Gehlot rancher trick in Rajasthan.
3) Whether we will get back the cash stolen from 2G, coal, CWG and different tricks during Congress rule and what estimates will be taken to guarantee such tricks won't occur later on.
4) How will the individuals of India be ensured that the above guarantees and the guarantees in the declaration will be performed to the fullest conceivable degree and how might we guarantee these guarantees won't be failed to remember post political decision.
In the event that any response to the above inquiries is along the lines of "BJP did this, BJP did that" at that point that shows that there is no contrast among Congress and BJP as there's no motivation to decide in favor of Congress. Should decide in favor of BJP that has a superior history of usage of plans in the previous 5 years than Congress in its previous 5 years of generally tricks and stealing cash to fill individual coffers.



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