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phd student Allahabad university | Posted | others

Why is Mamata Banerjee so tensed about the BJP?


phd student Allahabad university | Posted

It is actually a reasonable inquiry on the grounds that Mamata is truly shaken subsequent to seeing the fleeting ascent of BJP. Mamata's style of governmental issues is like that of the Left which controlled the state for over 30 years. She follows a similar forceful and self-important style of governmental issues and that assisted her with ousting the Left totally. The Left is presently completely sidelined and individuals were truly sickened with the manner in which the Left governed the state in this way pushing the state to a regressive state when any remaining states were growing quicker. Individuals of Bengal had no other alternative except for to decide in favor of Left and once they discovered Mamata they were blissful because of her showy method of managing the discourteous government officials of the Left.

Left principles West Bengal for a very long time and destroys the state

Individuals imagined that she will be the person who can take Bengal towards progress and simultaneously save Bengal from the "goondaism" of the Left. They overwhelmingly upheld her and squashed the Left sequentially. However, of late they have understood that Mamata is not the slightest bit distinctive to the Left and she also follows a similar style of legislative issues which the Left used to do. She is keen and best in road battling and professes to be the most boldest of all with regards to contradicting the focal Government.

The strength of Mamata in pulverizing Left has itself showed into a shortcoming which made ready for the simple passage of BJP. Individuals of Bengal have gone through the torment of being controlled by Left and they are tired of their style and administration. They have given enough opportunities to Mamata yet things were not moving true to form. Mamata's pomposity and her delicate corner towards minorities and transients further irritated the "authentic" electors of the state who needs improvement and progress. The inverse for progress is Congress and Bengalis are shrewd enough that they have completely abandoned the Congress party.They rested enormous confidence on their nearby legend who is as a matter of fact Mamata. Yet, as I stated, the method of working of BJP the advancement situated plan of BJP is gradually rolling out some improvement in the psyches of the normal Bengali elector. Mamata is sufficiently keen to detect one or the other is the explanation she is so aggravated and shaken . Her choices to boycott Yogi ,Amit Shah,Shivraj for holding rallies is absolutely and decisively because of the dread factor. She is terrified to such an extent that she may lose some significant bodies electorate.

Another significant thing is the "Matua factor". An immense vote bank which can conclusively hand the fortunes over upwards of 10 voting demographics and one should perceive how the "proficient government official" PM Modi began his mission in Bengal. He started his mission in Thakurnagar which is the place where the Elder Mother of the network is dwelling who is as a matter of fact the Nonagenarian Binapana devi lovingly called as "Boroma" (senior mother).Modi met the Boroma and this image might be the one which may have truly made Mamata alarm.

The following picture is a score above then the past one and it completely shook Mamata. The torrent of allies who came to Thakurnagar to have a brief look at PM Modi was a definitive one which made Mamata to act in a terrified manner. She had a few plans that she may be the "dull pony" in the race for PM in the event that if NDA neglects to get a lion's share and was sure about that. The new development at "Thakurnagar" is truly giving her restless evenings as the Lion of Gir is giving some unnerving minutes for the Tiger of Bengal.

It is damn certain that this time BJP will make huge advances in Bengal and there begins the decrease of the Mamata period in Bengal !!!



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