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Why misconception around agni pariksha of Sita in Ramayan?


Net Qualified (A.U.) | Posted

Misconceptions are due to some people who honestly don’t know , while some who purposely pose questions , these are few misconceptions
I will answer according to my perespective

Agni Pariksha was to prove Mata Janaki’s Chastity
Lol no it was never taken to prove mata Janaki’s Chastity , even Lord Ram did NOT doubt my mother’s chastity it was just to get Mata Sita back from Agni dev (Chaya sita theory aka Vedavati Theory
Lord Ram wanted to kill mata Sita and get a new wife
Lol no this is the funniest misconcesption ever ! He loves mata Sita very much more than you love fake romantic - bolly-tolly-hollywood movies (God knows what intrests you in that and not in ramayan Rather ?)  By the way this misconception would be the perespective of a nanha munna child who does not know anything ? 
I am pretty Sure he is laughing at that nanna munna baccha

Mata Sita Loved Ravan
No words to this great personality who had this misconception ?? 

Lord Ram asked for agni pariksha
Me here - dumbface
and But for all flag bearers of Kalyuga who have these misconceptions (this is my favorite one) 

Jay Siya Ram !
Jay Radheshyam !



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