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Trishna Dhanda

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5 Symptoms of Coronavirus


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Coronavirus which had given our life a different way of thinking about "what is life". This dangerous virus had taken birth in China. Due to this virus, many people across the world had lost their lives, their loved ones. And the most challenging thing is to identify its symptoms. Which are indirectly hidden in us. But to discover it we need to look at ourselves a lot more or in an Effective Way.


5 symptoms of coronavirus
1. Fever can be normal or High better to consider it has symptoms that Covid is in you now.
2. Cough which looks like a normal problem but who knows for which reason we are coughing. We are not doctors right. So immediate check-up for you is good.
3. Shortness of breath the breathing difficulty in inhaling and exhale of air.
4. New loss of taste or smell of the taste of food which you can't recognize is also a symptom of Coronavirus.
5. Headache is normal and many people consider it as too normal. Because the Covid headache can even cause you a higher level of pain. So it's better to cure your mind before cleaning the Covid in your head.  


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