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Are hydrogen trains the future of travel?


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Train itself may not be a future of travel according to some. Because sources of energy are exhausting in the earth. Human have to find out other means of energy like gravitational force or solar energy to operate vehicles.

When we are talking about hydrogen trains, Germany is already has hydrogen trains from September 2018. The new hydrogen train model in Germany is named as Coradia iLint.
United Kingdom has also tested hydrogen train recently.  According to transport secretary of UK Mr. Chris Grayling  train powdered by hydrogen will be possible from early 2020s in United Kingdom.

Hydrogen trains are replacement for diesel  trains which are polluting the environment. But hydrogen is made from reformed fossil fuels. So it is having significant carbon footprint. But the hydrogen trains are not emitting anything except water while running. So it may be good for environment.

Hydrogen trains are very costlier than diesel or electric train.  Researchers should come up with a cheaper version of hydrogen train. Then only people will travel in it.

Either we should electrify all the train routes or find any alternative way to run trains without affecting our earth. Till then world may go further into hydrogen side any may be for the next few decades hydrogen trains will be in use. But definitely it will not be a future of travel.

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