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Can the e-way bill be modified or edited?


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Procedure of Updating the Vehicle Number on EWBs

Vehicle Number is a discretionary field while producing e-Way Bill.

In any case, e-Way Bill without a vehicle number can't for development of merchandise.

The e-way charge entrance gives an alternative of refreshing vehicle number on the report.

This choice can be utilized in the accompanying cases:

Vehicle Number was not entered on age of the e-Way Bill OR

The products are moved to another vehicle/transport during travel because of stall or transshipment.

This choice can be utilized commonly for an e-way bill.

Note that no different subtleties of E-Way Bills can be altered.

Likewise, mass update vehicle number alternative is accessible on the e-way charge gateway where an exceed expectations format can be topped off and transferred on the entrance for refreshing vehicle subtleties for various E-path bills at a solitary shot.


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