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Emily Etheridge

Blogger | Posted on | Health-beauty

Can we experience spritual awakening without meditation?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

I am not sure if you can experience that even with meditation.
I always feel skeptical when the idea of meditation is mingled with anything but the (physiological and psychological) health benefits.
But foremost, before getting into the details, it's important to note that the true definition of spiritual awakening is quite subjective and not well-defined.
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• The person clad in saffron or white, preaching how he talks to God everything in his sleep might not necessarily be a spiritually awake person. He simply can be a delusional person.
• One who imparts wisdom on life and death, he might be doing that just for the money. (After all, the motivation industry is getting bigger by passing day!)
• Someone who says he isn't afraid of death and talks about afterlife, he might simply be a con artist.
The true meaning of "Spiritual awakening" varies between person to person. For someone like Mother Teresa, it was to help everyone who needs help. For Mahatma Gandhi, it was to fight off social injustice. For Jesus, it was to bear the sufferings of the world.
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So, you cannot simply follow a person and be like "I want spiritual enlightenment just like her/him". Because, on an individual level, we don’t even know what enlightenment or awakening really is.
I believe each of us might (OR might not), once in a lifetime, will have a eureka moment where everything will change for us for forever. It could be one sudden experience. It could be an accumulation of a series of events.
I have personally seen people change entirely after narrow escapes from death. Like, they escaped a major accident and now their perspective on life and death's reality is completely altered.

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A person who sees his/her mother's suffering during her last few weeks, they changed their stance entirely on the meaning of life and death.
Some find their spiritual awakening after their encounter with alleged ghosts. Others see the existing sufferings in the world and get awakened.
• The idea of "spiritual awakening" isn’t defined.
• One can experience the awakening in different ways and scenarios. Meditation is one of the ways and not the "only" way.
I believe it comes to self-awareness and personal values. You’re self-aware about yourself and hold high personal values. This inner positive consciousness, which eventually affects your subconscious, paves you the way to understand the world better in both rational and non-rational ways.
You aren’t necessarily a saint, as the mainstream portrays you. However, you do feel much elevated and in full control of your conscious and subconscious thoughts. The negative energies are miles away from you. And those negative individuals that do come to you, you overpower them with your inner goodness, that leaves a lasting impact on them.
(We’ve heard countless stories of how so many people met Mother Teresa and they still describe that encounter as something out-of-the-world!)
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Coming to how you can find or experience a spiritual awakening? Like mentioned, we don't even know what it really means. So, objectively mentioning how you can experience it would be naïve.
However, you would need to start somewhere if you’re really interested in proactively seeking this experience rather than just waiting for something miraculous (like an escape from an accident).
With no qualification and experience but with whatever I have read and conversed, here's what you should do:
• Meditate. Yes, it's not essential BUT can be of great help. It helps you control your mind, which can be the beginning of everything.
• Be open to experience new experiences. Skydive. Fly to Africa. Join an NGO. Do something. The more experiences you come across, the more you will understand life.
• Become self-aware. Understand who you are and what you want in life. Be extremely honest. Indeed, this isn’t easy. And you might never find these answers. But if you do, you can then stride in the right direction.
• Get away from negative energy. Shape your conscious and subconscious with optimism. Stay away from negative people. If you ever encounter bad experiences, re-mold your mind to think positively.
• Be nice to everyone. You might not be able to change the world as so many youngsters dream of.
But if you can impact even one person in your lifetime, it would make the biggest difference for you.
These are five things you can do to experience a spiritual awakening. I am not sure if you will ever experience it… I am not even sure what objectively will you "experience".
But even then, nothing can be better (for you and others) if you can stick to the process of getting where you want to go. It has so much goodness that, even without you noticing it, will spread so much joy and positivity around you. 


blogger | Posted on

Truly, you can. Contemplation process was structured by Masters for everybody who have their arrangement of presence (body, mind, astuteness) destroyed because of numbness and delayed impact of organic impulses (material inclinations) over different life times (since they have lost capacity to be otherworldly normally).

Think about reflection as a medication. It is required in light of the fact that our frameworks of presence are not set up for taking care of profound vitality.

Having said that, the individuals who are profoundly unadulterated and the individuals who have their arrangement of presence completely arranged to get and channelise otherworldly vitality, they normally experience the profound arousing. For them that is a characteristic procedure, it doesn't require a particular technique. You likewise need to comprehend what otherworldly arousing is with the goal that your desires are on right track. Otherworldly arousing is only capacity to encounter the most major inestimable vitality - love and to have the capacity to see an amazing truth past the material presence.


Blogger | Posted on

Reflection is basic and unadulterated perception. One can do it unexpectedly or it can simply occur yet it will be there when you experience arousing. Since the second you are knowing your "source" in complete clearness one can't avoid being unified with the watching source. So without watching arousing is unimaginable.Reflection is basic and unadulterated perception. One can do it unexpectedly or it can simply occur yet it will be there when you experience arousing. Since the second you are knowing your "source" in complete clearness one can't avoid being unified with the watching source. So without watching arousing is unimaginable.


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