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Posted 15 Apr, 2019 |

Can you Describe the Process of Medical Tourism in India?

Naveen T

@medicaltourismexpert | Posted 05 Nov, 2019

Process of Medical Tourism in India,

-It Begins with the document verification

-Procedures of of Visa and Other documents 

-Fixing the Appointment with the Specialists

-Receiving at the Airport

-Arranging Transportation to reach hospital

-Booking Hotels For Accommodation and food

-Treatment at the Hospital

-Leaving at the Airport

Before choosing your Tourism Partner go through the Terms and Conditions and Discount/Packages they are Offering. Always go with the Best Medical Tourism Partner in india.

Naina Kapoor

Financial Consultant | Posted 15 Apr, 2019

The Procedure is Simple as Follows:

    • Start by verifying your documents like medical papers. 
    • Make sure of the treatment you want to avail.
    • Conduct research on the procedure of treatment you want to take up.
    • Meet the doctor before you undergo the treatment and get all medical tests done. 
    • Documents like visa, credit cards and traveller’s check must be kept in hand.

Medical tourists are entitled to pay 50% less than what they are expected at their home country. Moreover, medical tourism India is of premium quality.

A medical practitioners interested to get involved in this sector, must check the guide on medical tourism for doctors.