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parvin singh

Army constable | Posted | Entertainment

Can you expose Indian celebrities- hypocrisy?


Blogger | Posted

None of the stars could talk for equity of their own collegue Sushant who is no more except for will battle for Rhea who is blamed by casualty family and Evidences additionally show so.

At the point when Kangana was assaulted by the administration on her remark on twitter with respect to their standard, the idiotic entertainers giggled on her and told how she could state that Maharashtra is turning out to be Pok. Yet, they never remained against anything when India was being called Intolerant And Anti-Hindu motion pictures were made.


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Swara  on
Sadhus lynching: sssssshhhhh…
Ankit Sharma: sssshhhh…
Drugy Bollywood: what are drugs?
Kangana being mishandled: "Manhandling"? What's going on here?
Kangana's home obliterated: Hahahah..
Previous Navy official assaulted: ssshhhh..that doesn't suits my plan!!
Umar Khalid captured: How challenge they? This isn't reasonable in any way. Delivery him!! I remain with Umar.
Source: Twitter (Swara Bhaskar)
So this woman is safeguarding this individual "Umar Khalid". This individual has been captured for affecting the frightful Delhi revolts that broke out recently.
I acknowledge that bad faith occurs yet the level Swara mam picks truly astound me!!
Alter: To all the lefts, who are stating that she represented ex-Navy official and sadhu lynching. Alright I acknowledge, she did. Be that as it may, did she request equity? Much the same as she is doing if there should be an occurrence of Umar Khalid? She never did that. Not for Sushant's situation, neither in Palgarh sadhu lynching's case nor in Ankit Sharma's case.



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