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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Do you also think MS Dhoni should be our next PM?


I don't know from where this question arose? I know, many people are against Dhoni playing cricket and constantly are sharing their opinions that Dhoni is aged now and therefore should take retirement from the cricket. But that does not mean Dhoni should enter politics. Though it is not that surprising as well if Dhoni enters Politics. We have seen many cricketers entering this field like Sachin Tendulkar, and now Gautam Gambhir who has got ticket from the BJP from East Delhi. The wife of Jadeja is in BJP and his Sister is in Congress. Many bollywood actors have joined politics. Shatrughan Sinha, Vivek oberoi to name a few. 


There have been rumors that Mahi is joining politics and may get even a lok sabhi ticket to contest on. Those these rumors have not been proved but what is MSD is our new PM. Let's see what would happen if Mahi is our next PM.

1. There are high likely chances that being a sportsperson, he would improve the sports infrastructure in the country. The hidden sports talent in the country will be given a platform to showcase their skills. If adequate facilities and infrastructure is provided no cricket would be tortured to study engineering, no footballer will be forced to go for corporate jobs. How smooth would be the environment !!

2. Dhoni himself is an Army Man and holds a post in the Army. He might be well aware of the situations in the Army, the difficulties they face, their needs and wants, and so on and so forth. So there are high chances that he would improve the conditions of Army personnel. He knows the value of team spirit and has a good leadership style.

3. Being brought up in a lower middle class family, he knows the value of dreams, he knows what it takes to fulfill the parents dreams and to make them proud. He himself had seen harsh time and thus it is assumed he will do the necessary for the unprivileged people of the necessary. 

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However all these things would definitely work in utopian world if Dhoni is the next PM. But currently he has no time to enter into politics and is devoting all his time into World Cup 2019 as quoted by him. 
I also personally think, Cricketers have a different kind of stardom, entering politics would definitely dilute that. Moreover when you are the best in your field, why would be enter another field. As I also see there is no motivation behind entering politics for MSD. So I am not totally in favor of him entering politics rather he should devote more time into cricket and sharpening the young talent, guide them through academy, his experience and give this country the some more Dhoni. 


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