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Do you know the history of Qutub Minar? Who made it, and why?


teacher | Posted

Since the time elementary school we're instructed that the development of Qutb Minar was started by Qutb-ud-in-Aibak, the originator of Delhi Sultanate and the work was later carried on by his child in-law Iltutmish, among others.

In the event that actually that is the situation, at that point here are a portion of my perceptions that I find particular:

1) The columns have cutting of sculptures and Hindu goddesses, basically same as I have found in the old Hindu sanctuaries in South India which have endure and are under ASI security.

(Shriyantra on divider)

2) Alauddin Khilji attempted to make his very own minar directly close to Qutb Minar (presently called as the Alai Minar) yet couldn't complete it since he was just attempting to duplicate Qutb Minar's structure yet couldn't get its establishment right. We have to understand the way that extraordinary mathematicians of the Gupta line and Aryabhatta himself planned the engineering of Qutb Minar. One can't simply duplicate it.

(The Alai Minar — a bombed exertion to make an imitation of Qutb Minar by Alauddin Khilji)

3) The iron column close to Qutb Minar recently had garur on head of it, and furthermore has sanskrit sentences cut on its divider.

(Sanskrit text inscripted on the Iron Pillar)

At the point when I was just hearing that Muslim bandits demolished all our legacy and changed over it into mosques, I was having some obstruction to get a handle on it, however now it is completely evident that all our old culture and legacy was nullified by muslim trespassers.



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